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Georgina Penticost

Brockham House
Knowle Park
East Sussex TN20 6DY

Tel: 0044 (0) 1435 873333


Find Us


Perhaps the simplest way to locate Brockham House is to put our postcode in to your Google search and then click on the small map that Google displays.  This will enable you to scroll in and out to see the whole area and also exactly where Brockham House is located.

Click here to take you straight to the relevant map.  Otherwise, here is a map of where we are in relation to the centre of Mayfield.

Google Earth

You can also put our post code TN20 6DY in to Google Earth and it will take you to Knowle Park. We can be found as the last house in Knowle Park.  The advantage to viewing us in Google Earth is that you can see Brockham House, it's garden and it's surrounds, clear evidence that only the occasional bleat of a sheep might disturb your stay.

"Google Earth" is a free package containing photographic views of the planet and stars.  It can be downloaded safely.  Click here to go to the download site.